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How do you treat your young patients with isolated medial compartment osteoarthritis?

New evidence suggests that a fixed-bearing partial knee replacement is an excellent option.

This was a retrospective review of long-term outcomes in a young (< 60 Yrs) cohort of patients that received a Miller-Galante (MG) partial knee replacement (PKR) between November 2000 and July 2007.1

The cohort consisted of 91 medial PKR performed in 70 patients.1

Kaplan-Meier 10-year survivorship was 92.9%.1

The authors noted that this is comparable to registry data for the survivorship of total knee replacement in this age group. They concluded that fixed-bearing PKR is an excellent option for treating younger patients with isolated medial compartment osteoarthritis. 1

  1. London, N., et al. Excellent Survival and Outcomes with Fixed-Bearing Medial UKA in Young Patients (≤ 60 Yrs) with Minimum Yen Year Follow-up. World Arthroplasty Conference poster presentation. 2021.

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